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mactaggert. moira mactaggert.

mactaggerting is a community for stories, art, and other fanworks featuring the character Moira Kinross MacTaggert from X-Men. All canons are welcome here.

All entries must be formatted like so:

<b>Warnings:</b> <font color="ff0000">WARNINGS GO HERE</font> [put "Warnings: none" if not applicable]

You must tag entries appropriately using the pre-created tags. Posting older fanworks is more than okay.

Questions or concerns? PM me.


Title: things we lost at the beach
Author: introductory
Pairing: Erik/Moira
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: ~300 words
Warnings: none
Summary: The trick to erasing memories is knowing exactly what to take. Or: Charles finds out about Moira and Erik.

He starts with Raven and goes through each of them one at a time, gently excising them from Moira's head like pulling books from a shelf.
31st-Oct-2011 02:02 pm - New XMFC fic: Kicks and Bucks
[general] signs point to yes
Title: Kicks and Bucks
Author: pearl_o
Pairing: Erik/Moira (implied Moira/Charles, Erik/Charles)
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: none
Summary: Moira has her reasons for this thing with Erik. Erik's motives are less clear.

LINK TO STORY: http://pearl-o.livejournal.com/1228206.html
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